# Welcome to BitTorrent-Chain

Welcome to the BitTorrent-Chain (hereafter referred to as BTTC) world. We are a ground-breaking blockchain platform.

BTTC is an extension of the public blockchain. It's a proof-of-stake (PoS) chain that supports Ethereum's existing features while also being speedier and with cheaper transaction fees.

# Why BitTorrent-Chain

A variety of decentralized applications, such as decentralized finance, have become core drivers of the TRON network and other smart contract platforms. Meanwhile more types of decentralized applications are being developed in large numbers, but the current blockchain ecosystem is not sufficient to support the demand for large-scale applications. Poor user experience with Dapps, slow block validation, high transaction fees and low scalability are all factors that prevent users from using blockchain applications at scale. The following sections describe how the BitTorrent-Chain will address these issues.

# Slow Transactions

Currently, the most significant disadvantages of POW(Proof-of-Work) based blockchain platforms are low transaction processing speed and limited throughput.

BitTorrent-Chain will solve this problem by using a high-throughput blockchain. A set of block producers will be selected. Proof of Stake will be applied to validate blocks, and proofs of blocks will be periodically sent to TRON main net or other blockchains. This mechanism ensures blocks will be confirmed in an extremely short time.

# Low Throughput

A certain time interval is required between block production in current mainstream blockchain platforms to ensure sufficient time for block propagation. In addition, there is a limit on the block size to ensure fast block propagation in the network, which leads to a limit on the number of transactions in a block.

BitTorrent-Chain solves this problem by using a block producer layer, where block producers are able to produce blocks at a very fast rate.

# Low Scalability

In the future, BitTorrent-Chain can easily access more public chains while using the same decentralized POS layer to increase scalability.

# High Transaction Fees

The BitTorrent-Chain achieves economies of scale by conducting a large number of transactions at the block producer layer, thus reducing costs and ensuring low transaction costs.

# BTT Token

BTT is BTTC's native token, similiar to TRX on TRON. To send various transactions on BTTC, you must pay the fee using BTT.

# dApp Development

You are already a BTTC developer if you have developed a dApp on TRON or Ethereum. On BTTC, you can use familiar development tools like Truffle, Remix, and others. You can begin using BTTC's RPC by switching to it.

You can deploy your smart contract on BTTC without worrying about the underlying architecture if you have a ready-made dApp that is compatible with EVM.