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General FAQ

What is the BitTorrent-Chain network?

BitTorrent-Chain (BTTC) is the industry's first heterogeneous cross-chain interoperable scaling protocol that enables scaling through off-chain computing via sidechains, while BitTorrent-Chain is fully compatible with Ethernet Virtual Machines (EVMs).

Can I participate in the staking process even if I don't want to run a node?

Yes, you can. BTT token holders who do not want to run their nodes can delegate their tokens to a verifier. Delegation increases the power of the verifier. The greater the power, the greater the likelihood that the Validator will become a Block Producer and Validator, and the greater the weight in the consensus.

Where will the pledged tokens be stored?

The pledged tokens will be locked in a contract deployed in the TRON network and the Super Delegate will not hold the delegated tokens.

How long does it take to withdraw assets from BTTC?

Depending on network congestion, the arrival time is variable and usually takes 45 minutes to 3 hours.

Why can't I pledge if I already have enough BTT?

Please check if you have sufficient BTT in your wallet balance on the Tron network, under which all pledges are made. If your BTT is under another network, you need to convert it to native BTT and transfer it to your wallet on the Tron network.

Is there a safe height on BTTC?

Please use the 128th block before the latest block as a safe height.