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What is BitTorrent-Chain?

Bittorrent-Chain (BTTC) is a layer 2 scaling solution, BTTC strives to solve scalability and usability issues without compromising decentralization, and can make full use of the existing Ethereum developer community and ecosystem. BTTC is fully compatible with Ethereum, and existing applications on Ethereum can be easily migrated to this BTTC. In addition to the same experience as Ethereum, users can also enjoy ultra-high throughput and extremely low fees.

Users can conduct fast, low-cost, and safe transactions on BTTC, and assets on BTTC can be easily transferred before the three main chains of Ethereum, TRON, and BSC.

What is a side chain?

The side chain is an auxiliary blockchain connected to the main blockchain. The side chain may have its consensus mechanism to ensure its stability and security. The most important function of the side chain is that it can support and communicate with the main chain. This means that digital assets such as tokens can be safely transferred between the main and side chains.

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Validator and Delegator

You can become either a Validator or Delegator on BTTC:


If you want to be a Validator, you have to know well of BTTC architecture, which means you have to learn about the core modules below,

  • Delivery
  • BTTC
  • Contracts

How to use

Node Configure