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BTTC introduces a reliable cross-chain bridge between the TRON and BTTC networks. Through the bridge, users can transfer their tokens to TRON via BTTC at will, without the risks and liquidity restrictions associated with third party institutions. BTTC offers an extremely efficient, cost effective and flexible scalability solution.

The cross-chain bridge enables precise control of assets, increases the speed of access and enhances the flexibility of assets. As an asset transfer method, it is ideal for dApps that need to run across chains. The PoS Bridge gives users the freedom to move in and out of the BTTC ecosystem. You can efficiently transfer your TRC-20 or TRC-721 tokens between chains. The cross-chain bridge enables deposits to be made within 7-8 minutes and withdrawals to be completed within 30 minutes.

Using the Cross-Chain Bridge

The first step in using the PoS Bridge is to establish a token mapping. Only after a token contract on the root chain has been mapped to a sub-token contract on a child chain can this asset be transferred between the two chains. Once the mapping has been successfully established, the contracts can be interacted with using various SDKs or directly through the interface.

Token Cross-Chain

When a token is passed across a cross-chain bridge, its total circulation is not affected

  • Tokens leaving TRON will be locked and their equivalent mapped tokens will be minted on the BTTC network.
  • When a token is transferred from BTTC back to TRON, the token on BTTC is destroyed and an equivalent amount of the original token on TRON is unlocked.